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Counselling Made to Heal.

All counselling sessions are now available online 
Current & new clients are welcome. Platforms available are as follows; FaceTime, WhatsApp Video Calls, Facebook Video Calls, Zoom, Skype or Google Hangout. Any other preferred platforms can be arranged. 

Welcome to
Estelle Evans Counselling

I have many years of experience in couples counselling as well as experience in other aspects of life such as teaching, hospitality, art, pastoral work and business which gives me a greater understanding of people and different aspects of life.

I provide a professional, affordable counselling service in a warm, friendly, safe and completely private environment. I specialize in marriage counselling, family counselling and trauma counselling and due to my artistic background, often incorporate art therapy in my counselling sessions.

My counselling practice is based in Somerset West, however, I am able to schedule counselling appointments Worldwide.

In life, we are faced with many challenging circumstances and situations and my aim is to guide and assist my clients through a healing process in order to cope emotionally as well as give them the tools to value themselves and others. I want to lead them on a path of forgiveness, restoration, acceptance and love in order to find peace in their mind and hearts, unlock hidden gifts and talents and find purpose in their lives.

Formal Qualification:
Masters in Christian Counselling from TICU America BA (Ed)
University of Johannesburg

Estelle Evans

The Importance of Counselling

Counselling has become a high priority, whether it be marriage counselling, couples counselling, family counselling and more. The world we live in today has become busier and busier, creating a need for counselling. How do you find the time fit with your significant other, and family members?

Estelle Evans Counselling is a place where you can come and express your concerns, stress and anxiety, whether it is in your marriage, family, work environment and more. People face many situations or experiences, whether it be trauma, death in the family or maybe your child/children are acting out. Estelle Evans Counselling is here to help guide you and to understand how to handle each situation or experience correctly

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Areas We Service:
Helderberg | Somerset West | Strand | Gordons Bay | Stellenbosch | Worcester | Hermanus

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