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Working Together to Build Healthy Relationships

Client Testimonials

"I’m pleased to refer Estelle Evans to the service of a counsellor with a clear conscience of her ability to serve those who require her services.
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Estelle over the past several years, with first-hand experience of her ability to assist clients in every sphere of a counsellor.  She has maintained impeccable honesty, and confidentiality but most importantly of all, a deep love for the person she is assisting. Her love for the Lord Jesus and leading of the Holy Spirit has allowed her judgement and discernment of cases to be of a sound nature, expressing the wisdom and revelation of God, to achieve the best solution for those she is counselling.
I have no doubt that Estelle has the ability to assist those who seek her services.
Many blessings"

Christopher Dicks


"My husband and I have seen many therapists in our married life, finding little success as we fought hard to overcome our personal issues. Spending time with Estelle was different, within a short space of time something changed for us both. It was more than ‘a light bulb moment’, it was freedom. Estelle handled us with such grace, care and understanding, we are so grateful for what she has done for us."

Naude Family


"Estelle Evans is one of the most loving, caring and passionate people you will ever meet. Estelle has counselled me over the last several years, always willing to go the extra mile to help me through various situations. She is able to take on any type of counselling scenario with love and care and will always ensure that you are seen and known during the process. I have known Estelle for several years now and can confidently say that she is a person of impeccable character and high moral values. Estelle is someone who deeply cares and loves people and will passionately pursue healing and restoration for your life. It is truly an honour and privilege to know Estelle Evans, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a counsellor."

Juan Thompson


"Ek beveel Estelle Evans se dienste 100 persent aan. Dit is n wonderlike vooreg om deur haar gehelp te word. Sy doen haar berading met baie passie en deernis."



"Estelle has helped me and my marriage tremendously!! She is gentle, easy to talk to and makes you feel safe to express your feelings and complicated scenarios. She is sympathetic to what you are going through and also extremely honest in order for you to see your situation holistically and provide the best possible way to correct what has gone wrong. She is warm, friendly and patient, and counsels from her years of experience. Estelle is really an incredibly good counsellor with a big heart for people, she holds marriages in the highest regard when offering advice and I would highly recommend her services. I always feel at peace and much more equipped to deal with the situation I am in after a session with her. Thank you!"

Lee Anne

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